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It is Monday. And it is proper after the time-change right here within the States. I do know we’re alleged to have gotten an additional hour of sleep, however dang, I used to be having a hell of a time getting off the bed this morning. Then, I over-compensated by placing on classical music and now I am pumped.
“However PB! Classical music is all boring and stuff!”
To that, I say to you that my neck is at present sore as a result of I used to be headbanging an excessive amount of to this: Within the Corridor of the Mountain King, amongst others. Anyway, sufficient about that and on to a fast Terrain Nook.

{Today} we’ve: Roman Watchtower Out there From Warlord Video games

Roman Watchtower Out there From Warlord Video games

Hold a lookout for enemy troops with the Roman Watchtower from Sarissa Precision, perfect for the battlefields of each SPQR and Hail Caesar.

The Romans constructed quite a few towers as a part of a system of communications, one instance being the towers alongside Hadrian’s Wall in Britain. In addition they constructed many lighthouses, such because the Tower of Hercules in northern Spain, which survives to at the present time as a working constructing, and the equally well-known lighthouse at Dover Citadel, which {today} exists as a smash at round half of its unique top.

Roman troopers had been recognized to have been distributed in very small detachments of not more than 10 males and assigned to watchtowers that ran alongside roads or ridges. The navy worth of that is questionable as any vital pressure was positive to overwhelm such a small defence. Nonetheless, such a state of affairs is ideal to discover throughout the skirmish format of SPQR.

The Sarissa Roman Watchtower is extremely handy for tabletop warfare. The roof may be eliminated to entry the inside, permitting for a extra immersive battlefield.


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