How Did NASA Take the Highest Ever Decision Picture of Mars?


It was earlier in March that NASA unveiled the best decision picture of Mars’ floor ever created. It is the form of image that may create the form of uncommon sense of surprise that makes you’re feeling small in an enormous, unknowable universe. However the comparatively temporary second of inspiration you may really feel {looking} on the panorama took a number of forethought and a number of work, even setting apart the years of planning that goes into getting a rover on the planet’s floor within the first place. 

So, you might be stunned to study that the gorgeous panorama — constructed from greater than 1,000 particular person photos — was largely attainable as a result of the group behind the Curiosity Rover was on trip on the time, leaving the rover standing nonetheless. The photographs of “Glen Torridon” on the Martian floor have been taken from November 24 to December 1 of 2019, whereas “the mission group was out for the Thanksgiving vacation,” NASA explains. Due to the vacation, it was capable of {photograph} the identical space for days. The Mastcam was programmed to take images from midday to 2pm (native time on Mars… so, can we name that MST?) every day to make sure constant lighting. “That is the primary time in the course of the mission we have devoted our operations to a stereo 360-degree panorama,” Ashwin Vasavada at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) mentioned in a press release.

Nevertheless, the method from Curiosity to your eyes is not so simple as the rover sending again a picture and having it uploaded to a web site. There’s way more to it. 

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